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  • Tropiclean Oxy-Med Allergy Wipe 8 oz.

    UPC: 645095003446
    Smiling every time you think of your pet is good. Sneezing every time you think of your pet… not so much. Wipe away allergy-causing dander with TropiClean OXY-MED Allergy Relief Wipes. Each pre-moistened dog and cat friendly wipe has oatmeal, vitamin E, and Alpha-Hydroxy to wipe away dander, clean the skin, and leave your pal smelling fresh. A cat's favorite part? No rinsing required!
  • Tropiclean Oxy-Med Puppy Bath Wipe 8 oz.

    UPC: 645095003439
    These wipes clean and moisturize with vitamin E, oatmeal and alpha hydroxy while reducing odors. No water or rinsing is required. Each package has 25 wipes.
  • Tropiclean Oxy-Med Soothing Wipe 8 oz.

    UPC: 645095003422
    Get rid of the dirt, get rid of the itch, and say hello to a fresh-smelling pet! No trip to the park is complete without a wipe down from TripiClean! OXY-MED Soothing Bath Wipes are hypo-allergenic wipes that stop itching fast, moisturize the skin, and get rid of pet odor… all without needing to rinse! TropiClean Bath Wipes are pre-moistened and safe for cats and dogs.
  • Nature's Miracle Pet Wipes

    UPC: 018065051479
    Nature's Miracle Pet Wipes are all natural. Safely cleans your dog, cat, and other small animals as well as moisturizes the pet's coat and paws. Also controls dander. Minimizes hairballs in cats, since the pet wipes pick up loose hair and dander before being ingested.