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  • Eukanuba Small Breed Dog, 5/4 Lb

    UPC: 019014039722 Manufacturer: Mars Petcare
    Eukanuba Small Breed Adult Formula has been developed to meet the unique nutritional needs of your small breed dog. Small breed dogs require more energy than large breed dogs, each Eukanuba Small Breed Adult kibble is packed with higher protein and fat levels to support these increased energy requirements.
  • Eukanuba Small Breed Senior, 5/4 Lb

    UPC: 019014039712
    Eukanuba Small Breed Senior Dog Food is formulated just for small breed dogs 7 years and older. Chicken is the first ingredient offering a natural source of glucosamine and this high quality protein source is a key ingredient to build and maintain lean muscle mass for top body condition. Guaranteed vitamin E and Beta Carotene antioxidants help boost the immune response of senior dogs to that of healthy adult dogs.
  • Eukanuba Small Breed Weight Control, 5/4 Lb

    UPC: 019014039708 Manufacturer: Mars Petcare
    Eukanuba Adult Small Breed Weight Control Dog Food is specifically made for the unique nutritional requirements of small breed adult dogs who tend to put on extra weight. Eukanuba Adult Small Breed Weight Control Dog Food is a scientifically advanced formula for peak nutritional performance.
  • Eukanuba Dog Maintenance Small Bite, 4/5 Lb

    UPC: 019014039699 Manufacturer: Mars Petcare
    Dogs need balanced nutrition. Eukanuba recognizes this and designed Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Small Bite to provide high-quality, complete and balanced nutrition specially formulated with moderate protein and fat levels to maintain their long-term nutritional health.