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We offer bird grooming services: Nail Clip/Dremel, Beak Dremel, & Wing Clipping/Trims!
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PetLockĀ® Plus for Dogs 23 - 44 lbs.

PetLock® Plus is a monthly spot on treatment and preventative that kills fleas, flea eggs and larvae, chewing lice, mosquitos and ticks and aids in the control of mites.

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PetLock® Plus for Dogs has the same active ingredients as the leading fipronil-based brand for Dogs, but sells for a fraction of the cost. PetLock® Plus is fast-acting, long-lasting, waterproof, and easy to use. Apply monthly.

Helps Protect Against:

  • Adult Fleas
  • Flea
  • Eggs
  • Flea Larvae
  • Ticks
  • Chewing Lice