There’s nothing better than spending some good quality time with our beloved furry dogs in the fun-loving summertime. With all that fur comes a lot of responsibility. Since dogs’ fur acts as a great insulator, they need other ways of keeping cool in the summer such as panting or sweating through the pads of the feet. But when their own temperature regulating system isn’t enough it’s time to come up with some methods to help our dogs cool down.

First, let’s delve down into what some signs and symptoms look like when your dog does appear to be having a heat stroke. If you notice your dog has heavy salivation, is panting excessively, has red gums or a red tongue, is vomiting or has diarrhea, and lastly seems to be lacking coordination these may be signs of a heat stroke. If these signs seem to be present it is best to visit your local veterinarian hospital immediately. But for now, we will just focus on simple methods to prevent your furry friend from overheating

Body of water to swim in:

If you have the extra time to spend your dog will love to be able to swim in some sort of body of water whether it be a lake, a kitty pool, or even a plain old sprinkle or a hose. These can all be used to cool your pup down effectively and efficiently. Just be sure never to let your dog swim in stagnant water; they might be drawn to drink it and the stagnant water may contain poisonous blue-green algae.

Shedding or Shaving:

After the long winter months, it’s best to give your dog a groom to help them cut back on the excess fur they most likely accumulated in the wintertime. De-shedding is a great way to help keep your dog cooler during the hot summer months.


A great way to keep your puppy from overheating is to invest in some chew toys that are made to be put in the freezer after being soaked with water. This will give your dog consistent moisture and will help to keep them cooler. There are also gel technology cooling mats that are pressure activated that will absorb your dog’s body heat when they lay on it. Adding onto this, there is also a cooling coat which can be a great investment for your dog.  These coats should be soaked and drained and placed on your dog. However, be careful when using these coats. They often have to be re-soaked and drained otherwise it will cause your dogs’ body temperature to rise. Be sure to soak with lukewarm water and never cold water. Believe it or not, the cold water will result in your dog’s outside blood vessels to constrict and narrow which will lead to their core temperature being trapped there.

Lastly, just a few side notes to be aware of during the summer months. Be sure to avoid walking your dog during the middle of the day when the temperatures are at their highest. If in the house, it is best to close curtains that allow for direct sunlight to enter the house. It is even better if we invest in blinds rather than curtains. Your dog will thank you for the extra cooling effect of this!