We have decided to dedicate this blog to a very important organization that I feel isn’t talked about enough. They have dedicated a vast amount of time, money, and research into funding an organization that helps veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, or military sexual trauma. This organization is called K9’s for Warriors and they are the largest service provider for service dogs that cater to disabled American veterans. A little bit about this organization is that they were created in 2014. They worked in collaboration with another organization called the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute and this essentially helped K9’s for Warriors kick start off their entire mission. They were able to give K9’s for Warriors a grant in order to find any research out there that supports the belief that service dogs are an effective tool for veterans suffering from PTSD.

So let’s talk more about the studies that were done regarding the animal bond between humans and pets. According to a peer-reviewed journal done at Purdue University, the general takeaway from their first study that was conducted stated that 92% of K9’s for Warriors graduates reported reduction or complete elimination of the medications that were once on that were used to help treat their PTSD, trauma, depression etc.

Additionally, 82% of K9’s for Warriors graduates reported a reduction in suicidal ideations. After gathering specific data before entering into the program, the survey notated that almost 75% of their warriors tried to take their own lives. So in conclusion, these service dogs are saving their lives and providing a great service back to our warriors.

After having their service dogs for some time it was concluded that the cortisol levels, which is our response to stress, for these warriors were returning to normal levels. How did they possibly measure this?

So the researchers were able to take before and after mouth swabs of the veterans suffering from PTSD. Before having a service dog, their cortisol levels seemed to flat line. However, after six months of having a service dog, their cortisol levels began to rise and started to become normal again.

So how can I support such an awesome program you may ask yourself. One way is the obvious; through donation. However, did you know that one of K9 for Warriors partners is a dog food company called Merrick?

They became partners after establishing a common belief structure in their passion for pets which is to give the best nutrition and, in the case for K9’s for Warriors, a forever home! Merrick also partners with other great organizations that help both the community and animals achieve common welfare. These organizations include PAWS Chicago, Austin pets alive, tree house humane society, and San Antonio pets alive.

Not only are they supportive of causes that are meaningful, but their food provides great nutritional benefits as well. Merrick’s dog food consists of healthy fats, whole foods, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. They are very much well known for testing all of their ingredients prior to shipping their product out. Their goal is to make a few stops between farm and bowl as possible as to keep the freshness alive. Merrick’s food contains a balance between protein, fats, and even contains top levels of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy bones and joints.