Let’s talk about the Kong toy line. I mean we see their products all over the place. I am sure you own or know someone that owns a dog or cat Kong chew toy. Have you ever wondered how KONG became such a big hit over the last few decades?  Well, I’ll gladly tell you. Kong chew toys were started in 1970 by founder Joe Markham. Joe had a dog named Fritz who exhibited some not-so-nice destructive behavior. This went on for some time until Fritz hit a tipping point. What was the tipping point you might say? Fritz throughout a suspension part from his Volkswagen that Joe was fixing up. Fritz was fixed on the chewing of rubber so this gave Joe an idea. The KONG classic dog toy was thus established!

The growth of Kong began to truly skyrocket through tradeshows and small retail stores. Kong’s classic chew toy went from one size to four other sizes. To prove the durability of the Kong toy, Joe invented a machine that was a mechanical dog called Chomps. This machine was used as a testing mechanism on the toy to prove the durability and strength the toys had that even sharp teeth couldn’t rip apart.  Eventually, this ended up leading to the development of Kong’s Extreme which is offered in two different sizes. After more ideas to develop toys to encompass a wide variety of different breeds and different dog’s chewing habit needs, Kong expanded the line even further to include Kong ZoomGroom and Dental toys. The Kong toy started to become a way to help entertain dogs as well as minimizing destructive behavior by placing treats and even peanut butter inside the kong toys.

The Kong rubber line now expanded into four rubber toys: KONG classic, KONG puppy, KONG senior, and KONG extreme.  KONG began to grow their company into Europe in 2004 and in 2009 began operations in Australia and in China in 2015. In 2017 they took their relations to Japan. Currently, Kong is sold in over 80 countries!

Not to mention, KONG company also has KONG cat toys that help to fulfill your cat’s natural instincts. Just like the KONG dog rubber toy, the KONG cat rubber toy is also a treat dispenser or if you really feel like getting crazy, you can add a pinch of catnip or dry kibble inside their toys since they are highly versatile. But the list doesn’t stop there. As far as cat toys go, KONG has pointer lasers, laser teaser characters, and laser teaser Ribbons for toys for your cat.

On a side note not regarding their toy lines for dogs and cats, one of my personal favorite products that KONG has to offer are their scratchers for cats. Their scratch posts are environmentally friendly and are made with renewable resources that are recyclable. Once the scratch post has had its days, KONG creates replaceable posts. They are also reversible for even longer use.

A great way to heighten the experience for your dog while using the KONG rubber toys is to mix dry food with wet food in a bowl, stuff the KONG toy with it, and add a treat right at the end. Freeze it for about an hour or two and viola, your dog will be preoccupied for hours really enjoying this piece of art you created! Stop in Fins and Feathers and grab your favorite Kong toy for your best friend today!