We already know dogs come in all shapes and sizes! As dog owners, we know their coats can be quite diverse as well. Dogs can have smooth or short coats, wired-haired coats, long-haired coats, curly coats, and some even nearly hairless coats. Each type of coat needs a different type of TLC. Just as people have different brushes and combs based on hair type, dogs and cats do as well!

We have a wide variety of grooming tools at Fins & Feathers are the Safari Grooming Tools but we wanted to share our favorite Safari brand grooming tools for your pet today.

Coasted Pin and Bristle Combination Brush

One of our favorite and most common Safari grooming tools is the Pin and Bristle combination brush.  This versatile two-in-one double-sided brush loosens and removes excess hair and dirt easily from your dog’s coat. The pins on this brush are perfect for lifting out loose hair and debris while the brush is used to smooth and distribute natural oils throughout the coat, leaving them with a healthy and shiny coat. This tool can be used on any breed with any type of coat and with its ergonomic comfort-grip handle, it is very easy to use as any owner.

Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool

Safari also makes great de-shedding tools for both long and short-haired dogs. These tools are perfect for shedding away some of that loose dog hair that falls all over your floor! This tool is super gentle on your dogs’ skin as it has a stainless-steel blade that will not pull your dog’s hair, making it a much more enjoyable experience for them. Their comfort-grip handle makes grooming a breeze for you as well. Using this tool will help improve your dog’s coat and promote a happy and clean home!

De-Matting Comb

If you have a pet with long, curly, and coarse hair- odds are you have run into some matting issues. Without the right tool, de-matting can be quite an unpleasant experience for your pup, and for you! This De-Matting comb gently helps remove mats and tangles with its serrated stainless steel blade and is designed to minimize any discomfort from your dog during this grooming process. When using this tool, start at the other edge of the matted area and work inward to break up the matting. Comb in the direction that their hair grows and gently work your way through the coat. For best results, use this de-matting tool prior to a bath to get out all the mats and tangles and then gently brush through the coat after your dog’s bath.

Coastal Long Tooth Undercoat Rake

If you own a breed with an undercoat, it is no surprise that your floors, couches, and just about everything is covered in their coat a few times a year when they shed out. Some breeds such as collies and shepherds have this undercoat. If you have one of these breeds, a great tool to have in your house is the Coastal Long Tooth Undercoat Rake. These dogs shed out their undercoats a couple of times a year and without proper grooming, that undercoat can stop your dog’s skin from receiving moisture with will ultimately result in an unhealthy coat for your dog and tons of excess hair all over everything in your house! The single-row undercoat rake keeps long-haired dogs’ coats healthy and beautiful with precision tapered pins that penetrate deeply into the coat.

While we only covered a couple of amazing products that Safari offers, we have a wide variety of grooming tools in-store to fit your dog or cat’s grooming needs! Stop in and let us help you pick that perfect tool for your pet today!