Safari brands have an array of grooming and brushing materials for both cats and dogs. Some of these products include flea combs, shedding tools, nail trimmers, matting combs, nail files, massagers, bristle brushes, and so much more. Safari brands are known to be some of the best and most highly regarded grooming brands for pets. Proper grooming and brushing of your pets will ensure a healthy coat and a happy pet. So let’s see below what exactly some of these products do and what they can offer you!

The Safari Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool for dogs is an excellent stainless steel product used for the purpose of removing excess hair gently from your dog. If your dog has stubborn mats that easily tangle up, then this product is for you. The steel blades will help glide through the hair gently dematting and untangling the hair.

The Safari Double-Sided Flea Comb can be used to remove fleas inside your pet’s coat, but also can be used to scope out dry and flaky skin so be sure to apply treatment before any other discomfort occurs. This comb is designed to pull out fleas that lie deep within your dog’s coat. Once pulled, it is important to clean the comb with mild detergent and a cup of water between strokes.

The Safari Dual-Sided Dog Shedding Blade is an amazing product for those dogs who have the thickest coats. Have you ever found yourself constantly bending over to pick up fluff balls off of the floor of your home? Then this blade is for you. This stainless steel blade will help remove these large clumps of excess hair and help to keep your home clean and hairless. This product can be used on dogs that have both short and long hair.

Now, onto the cats! The Safari Cat Soft Tip Massager is a great tool for reducing cat hair shedding and to use as a maintenance brush for maintaining your cat’s beautiful coat. Although cats are mostly self-sustainable when it comes to grooming and cleaning themselves, it is also important to note here that if cats become older or have long hair and produce more hair than can become maintainable, matting can occur and can become quite painful for our furry friends. This is why it is important to have the right tools at hand so that we can prevent such occurrences from happening.

I can spend pages and pages explaining all of the amazing products Safari has to offer for pets and their owners, however, I think it is worth noting the importance of maintaining healthy, clean, and detangled coats for our pets both felines and K9s. The grooming products aren’t just designed to create beauty, but they are also created to maintain comfort for our pets and to maintain hygiene as well. All of the efforts in creating a clean and healthy coat can go a long way. So no matter what brand you buy, be sure to give the time needed to get the job done!