Most of the time, many small mammal owners rush to some pet supplies stores and buy a metal cage to develop an environment for their furry friend. There really isn’t much thought into where the product is made, if it truly supports the behavioral instincts of the animal, or if the quality of the product, let’s say a chew toy, is safe and proven to actually be good for them. Depending on the type of small mammal owned such as a rabbit, rat, guinea pig, hamsters, or chinchillas there are many things to consider. Some of these things include taking into consideration their chewing habits. If these animals were in their natural environment what would they chew on? What type of plant, wood, or other items would be pleasing for them?

Another consideration to take into account is their hiding behaviors. Most small mammals such as those named above need a safe haven where they can hide and have some privacy. Do they need dark cool places? Warm with hay scattered? What methods do these animals use for foraging?

These questions are great to consider. However, how can you trust what you are buying if you are not sure what you are buying is coming from a company that truly cares for your pet’s instinctual needs.

I would like to introduce the company Oxbow. Oxbow has a product line called the enriched product line that caters to the needs of our small mammal animals. They truly understand the habitats, behaviors, and eating styles these animals need so they custom-made their products to work for these animals.

Oxbow enriched life doesn’t just create products to turn a profit. They focus on making their products with safe and natural materials that encourage the mental and physical engagement of the animal. There are an array of different chewing toys, hammocks, regular toys, cages, playpens, and so much more than this company has to offer. My favorite, which I thought was super cute, was the Enriched Life Chinchilla Accessory Pack. This pack comes with a metal hay feeder, a cute little tub that is used for their dust baths, a water bottle, and a food dish.

It is very important to encourage your small furry friend to get out of their enclosure to explore and exercise around in a new environment with supervision. Oxbow understands this and has created a whole product line dedicated to this concept.