Walking into a pet store looking for the perfect pet food can be ..well..pretty overwhelming. We know you want to feed your fur babies the best food possible but with so many products on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the right one for so many reasons. There are many things to consider, such as your pet’s age, breed, activity levels and what nutritional needs your pet requires.

Luckily, we are here to help! We have many different pet foods in store here at Fin’s and Feathers, but one of our favorite brands is Stella and Chewy. Not only do we love their products, but we absolutely adore how this little company got started.

This lovely company was started by Marie Moody in 2003 out of her little kitchen in Brooklyn, New York after Marie adopted both of her dogs, Stella and Chewy. Chewy had some health issues and with the advice from her veterinarian, she moved Chewy to a raw diet. Since then, Marie found her passion for pet nutrition after that, and the rest is history! While this little company started off as a raw food brand, it has transformed over the years with a huge variety of different dog and cat foods to meet your pet’s nutrition needs and your budget while maintaining a highly nutritious diet for your companions.

What makes Stella and Chewy’s food stand out from the rest?

A few of the reasons we love Stella and Chewy’s food is because their ingredients are super fresh- never processed, and never full of artificial preservatives, colors or flavors -basically, none of the bad and ALL of the good! Additionally, most of the products on your basic grocery store and owned by one out of the 11 companies that own many types of dog/cat food. Stella and Chewy is not owned by these companies so you know that their ingredients aren’t labeled with bogus terms that trick you into thinking they are good for your babies.

Dog foods

Why would you consider switching over to Stella and Chewy? Well here are some reasons!

Switching just because it’s more nutrient packed and healthier. In fact, the first ingredient in all of the Stella and Chewy recipes is meat. The options available right now are a chicken recipe and a red meat recipe. All of the raw blend foods are made with cage free poultry, grass fed beef, wild cod fish, organic vegetables and fruits with a percentage of 65-70% meat ingredients. As a bonus for your pupper, there are added probiotics for their digestion!

New Addition to the Family

Have a growing puppy? Did you know that a puppies digestion tract isn’t fully developed until around the four months old. Although the caloric intake various from puppy to puppy, a general rule of thumb is that they need a diet that can be easily absorbed by their digestion tract. Puppies also need energy dense food that is high in animal protein, omega fatty acids, calcium,and phosphorus.

Feline friends

Stella and Chewy also have food for cats as well. The ingredients are always fresh, but still provide a delightful taste to our little kitty’s. A fun fact here is that one of their ingredients contains pumpkin seeds which are shown to be anti-parasitic. So, if you have an indoor/outdoor cat or just an outdoor cat it can come in handy for being a prevention method for discouraging unfriendly welcomers from attaching onto our cats. Additionally, the raw material that they add to their food brings back the ancestral feel for the cats.